Priya Maha Rani means "Beloved Queen" in Sanskrit and I pride myself on being exactly that--a radiant, magnificent woman, taking great pleasure in both serving and being served by her Lover.  Adore me, and I will adore you, for I am a generous and indulgent companion.

I want to experience the best that life has to offer and I want to share it with you—travel, food, art, adventure, and the many languages of love-making.

I can be your romantic, affectionate sweetheart; or tower over you, and make you ache with fear and arousal.


Let’s experience pleasure in all its forms—indulging all of our senses.

My background is East Indian and Persian, but my attitude is very Canadian--open-minded, laid-back, friendly and inviting. 


I am statuesque and curvaceous with large, natural breasts; a round, ample derriere; and an elegant little waist you can wrap your arms around. Every mouthful of my caramel skin is buttery soft, smooth and kissable. Run your hands through my long, dark hair while you gaze into my huge eyes. 


I am 100% natural, and every inch of my deliciously lush, tawny figure is responsive to touch.


Wouldn't you like to touch?

I live for pleasure. Real pleasure. The pleasure of connection, of quickened breath, conspiratorial laughter, and the soul-satisfying fulfillment of secret desires. 


It wasn’t always like this. 


I had a conservative upbringing. I was raised to be a good Indian girl—smart, studious, polite and chaste. 


We only spoke about sex in hushed whispers and off-colour jokes. My mother said, “You’ll learn everything you need to know when you’re married.”


And yet... 


I had a deep, burning curiosity.


I tried to subsume this by going to university, getting engaged, working a corporate job, buying shoes. Buying more shoes.


But I was always dissatisfied.  


I needed to taste everything, to experience pleasure in all its flavours. My parched mouth watered for both women and men; lusted after both pleasure and the erotic sting of pain. I wanted to suck every succulent drop of sweetness from the world without shame. I wanted to lose myself in the primal energy that created life itself; to know my true nature.    


And so, I removed the suffocating cloak of societal norms and waded into this demimonde, swimming into an ocean of experiences, thirsty for the multifaceted aspects of pleasure. 


Join me. Let’s get wet. 

I have no use for divine patience - 

My lips are now burning and everywhere.

I am running from every corner of this earth and sky

Wanting to kiss you.