when you are


and I am


we are two suns


rupi kaur

So now, Lover, let's talk about you...

You are intelligent, charming, and sophisticated. These qualities have served you well. 

To the world you appear respectable, civilized. But you have another, hidden side...

a wild passion for life that drives you to explore your most primal desires. 

You have a covert but deeply erotic imagination. You are hungry for pleasure.

I see you. I know you. 

For I am the same. I am elegant and sweet. But trust that I have a naughty side, too.

Your lust for life and adventurous nature are what truly turn me on (regardless of age, race, size or gender).

Our seduction begins long before we even enter the bedroom. 

We aren’t constrained by a “menu.”

Instead we favour ingredients like connection, pleasure, and joy. 

You let me tease you.

You let me take my time.

I want to linger in this moment with you.

I want my mouth to linger. I want to catch your breath in my throat. 


I want to taste all of you.